Hill Country Sonata


Sunfire sparkling on the Pedernales River

Soaring a red-tailed hawk on the wing

Cedar and Cypress perfume dance on the water

Bull frog on the bank calling out to his love

Fireflies flicker in the wildflower valley

Cicada chorus singing their lullaby song

Whippoorwill lamenting a nightbird’s serenade

Hill Country Sonata playing my memory’s tune

Bending my heartstrings like a sweet lover’s touch

And calling me back to those hills that I love


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  1. Oh, Lori, you paint such a whimsical picture. Your words made me ache and swoon all at the same time. So badly I want to be lakeside, shoes off, reclined, with something magical in my hands to read. I want the day’s pace to slow to a crawl and for nothing more pressing than setting the dinner table to be foremost in my mind. Thanks for sharing you and your photos. Loved them both.

    Much love to you, sister!
    ~ Cara

    • Thank you sweet Cara. This recent visit to the Hill Country was the best vacation I’ve ever had! It was so peaceful and beautiful. Scott and I had so much fun, we felt like newly weds again. 🙂

      I hope my poem captured a little bit of the magic we felt.

      Love you!

  2. Your love song made me swoon and left and took a few breaths away! You are gifted in a number of ways for your sonata made me feel that i was there because of its very discriptive nature…you are a songstress, a living melody, even when i not feeling at my best your words have the magic that changes the complexion my day…and your smile, always makes me smile my sister! Thanks also for your visits always. And with your genius if you ever want to use one of my poems to make into a song…you have my blessings!

  3. It is a wonderful place you create with your love of it, Lori. I think we can only describe the places that are close to our hearts and souls if they really are part of us. This place is part of who you are. It’s a lovely description and a beautiful photograph. I love it.

    • Thank you George. Words don’t always come easy for me, however this time they flowed as gently and smooth as the old Pedernales. It’s true, I do feel like I belong in the Hill Country. It lives in my very core and every time I go there, it feels like I’m going home.

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