Waxahachie Courthouse


I snapped this photo today of the Waxahachie Courthouse.  The two old cars invoked thoughts of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, young outlaw lovers that went on a two-year crime spree (1932-1934) which ended in a bloody ambush lead by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer.  The movie Bonnie and Clyde starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway was scripted by Waxahachie native Robert Benton, and filmed in this area 1967.  Many old-timers still tell stories of their encounters with the outlaws Bonnie and Clyde.


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  1. As I scrolled down from the top of the photo, I was thinking, “A nice old court house; good picture Lori.” But when I got to the bottom, the whole thing took on new meaning and new feeling. And then your words added even more depth and character. “Many old-timers still tell stories…” and they are still telling them through you and this wonderful post!

    • Thank you Dor! I actually had an Uncle (he’s passed on now) who said he met Bonnie and Clyde when they stopped in for a fill up at the gas station owned by his family.

    • I’m rediscovering Waxahachie, it’s a great little town. I love all the history and architecture. Be sure to give your brother my respect and appreciation for his service as a police officer. That’s such a courageous and often unappreciated line of work.

  2. This the kind of architecture I enjoy. I am not so much into the modern lines and sterile look that seems to be widely heralded as “innovative” and “ingenious!” I like atmosphere I can place; one I can sink my teeth into, and imagine myself there. The building, the discoloration, the old cars — this photo easily looks like it could haven been taken 70 or 80 years ago — which is, I would imagine, what you were thinking when you took it. 😉

    You know . . . for how notorious the flick and actors, it’s a mystery why I have yet to see “Bonnie and Clyde”; I think it’s time I remedy that. True stories almost always make the best films.

    Thanks for sharing, Story Lori. Have a lovely week!

    ~ C

    • Cara! Thank you for noticing my attempt at making this photo look vintage. The original is very vivid and colorful. I know nothing of photo editing, but I gave it my best shot and I love that you recognized my effort!

      You need to watch Bonnie and Clyde ASAP. It’s a classic and I think you will like it. Many of the scenes were shot in the small towns all around where I live. 🙂

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