You of Ebony Eye


Young, beaten, starved you came
I know you, I said, we are one in the same
You of ebony eye, flashing white caution
Tango is the dance for us
I bend and twist to your lead
You show me the steps
We perfect our dance
I know you, I said, we are one in the same
You of ebony eye, flashing white caution
Trust is the virtue we build
I bend and twist to your lead
I give you sustenance
You nourish my soul
I know you, I said, we are one in the same
You of ebony eye, flashing white caution
Time the harbinger that foreshadows
I bend and twist to your lead
Grizzled and gray we race
You take the lead
Furlong by furlong
I am left in the dust

For Cody, today his 24th birthday.  May we have many more my old friend.


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  1. Lori, you have a special place in Cody’s heart I know, and your love for animals is so clear, you have a place in my heart too. Your poem is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Lori,

    There is a poetess living inside you! You poem is lovely, and what a touching way to commemorate Cody’s 24th birthday. He is beautiful. 24, really?! I had no idea horses could live that long. I’m afraid I am more skittish around the horses, than they are around me. Fo your 5 year anniversary, Michael and I spent a week and half in Hawaii. One of the things we did was ride horseback through the most gorgeous glen on the wetter part of the island; I enjoyed it . . . but I had this feeling that, at any moment, the horse would decide it no longer wanted to give me a free-ride, and buck me off — or turn around and bite me. LOL!

    Thank you for sharing your heart and words with us, lovely lady!

    • Oh, a week and a half in Hawaii sounds heavenly! I’ve never been but I really hope to go someday.

      I understand your apprehension around horses. They can be scary and unpredictable at times, it’s always best to have healthy respect for them. I guess it’s kind of silly writing a poem about a horse, but he has been with me for the last twenty years and I am very attached. I know he is coming to the end of his life and I am going to be heartbroken when his time does come.

      Luckily, I’ve been blessed with a beautiful new friend who prays for me when I am in need! 😉

      Much love to you!

      • I don’t think your poem or the affection behind is silly at all. Not even a little. Another blogger on here, Christy @ Bigger in Real Life, once shared with me a story she read. It was about a girl who received a wish, and, being so attached to her animal, she asked that her animal would not die until she did. That, too, I would think for most people, sounds like a silly concept, but not for those who know an animal’s pure love.

        I am so glad to have met you, Lori. This blogging journey is moot if not for meeting wonderful women who know the Lord and reflect His Goodness. You are a treasure! I’ve been meaning to ask, any new news on the job front?

        • My daughter Rachel had a personal concierge business while she was in college. After she graduated and accepted her current Marketing position, she kind of put that business to the side. She still gets request’s for service, so I am going to try to take that business over. Check it out

          I’ve got a few nibbles, but no bites yet. 🙂 It will be so perfect if it works out because I will still have time to care for my parents… which really is my top priority right now. Keep me in your prayers and I’ll do the same!

          • Absolutely! I will add this to my prayers this morning and continue to seek the Lord in this. I do hope it proves a possibility for you. Let me know if there is anyway I can help promote this. I assume the company would be based in your area, but if I can help lead others to you, I am willing!

  3. Where are you, Lori? I am in Victoria, Texas. I need to check out your business. What if you took online orders for finding stuff for people? You could search for it, order it and have it delivered to the customer? I never thought about how that might work, but it sounds like a design service or any other kind of service where the customer hires somebody to do the work. no? Actually, you could search of anything. Like my lost artists?

    Cody’s story hurts my old heart. I don’t want him to go either…ever. What a beautiful creature he is. And, the relationship between the two of you is something else. He’s had a good life with you, Lori. Bless both of you on the final leg of your journey together.

    • I’m in Mansfield, just south of Arlington. I’m in a great location, but I need to do more advertising. The business just hasn’t taken off like I hoped it would. I’ve seen a service like you are describing, but it was primarily for people with disabilities. They have an internet site that helps people locate specific items for specific needs. Hmm, it’s an interesting idea to think about.

      Regarding Cody, he is my very best friend. Whenever I’m feeling down or anxious, I can lay my hands on that velvet hide of his and breathe in his wonderful horse scent, and I just relax from head to toe. He’s better than any drug on the market. When we had to put down our pet goat, I went out to the back pasture, sat on a stump, and bawled my eyes out. Old Cody came up behind me and hung his head over my shoulder and gently nuzzled my wet cheek. He just stood there with me and gave me the comfort I needed. I sure hope I’ve done as much for him as he’s done for me over these many years.

  4. That was a beautiful poem… Our pets are our family… They are in out heart … I’m sorry for you loss… When you see him again… He’ll be running like a young colt again .

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