For the love of Cake


No, not that kind of cake… Cake is my youngest daughter Caitlin’s nickname. I think all proper Southern folk should have a nickname.


 She is everything I wish to be. Kind, laid back, forgiving, she see’s the good before the bad and has endless artistic talent. We gave her a keyboard for Christmas (she has never touched a piano or read music before) and within 2 days she could read music and play a portion of Moonlight Sonata.  She also loves to work on her 1984 Camaro Berlinetta. She replaces headlights, changes the oil, replaces loose belts and various other things I know nothing about.

She and my oldest daughter, Rachel, recently spent a few weeks in England and Scotland. Here are some of her pics.


About Lori Carter

Hello, my name is Lori and I’m a true child of the seventies. I grew up in a small Texas town. If you’ve ever seen the movie Dazed and Confused then you’ve seen a glimpse of my past. I’m a mother, storyteller, lover of nature, cooking and exploring natural folk remedies for addressing today’s health concerns. I hope you enjoying reading my little blog and I welcome any comments you may wish to share with me.

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  1. Oh, isn’t she beautiful!!! Those eyes . . . they’re filled to the brim with life! In fact, both your daughters are lovely. And I love your nick-name for her, and additionally am in complete agreement about friendly epithets in general. I refer to my husband as Bubba and Sugar Nipples. Don’t ask me how he got the last one, I couldn’t tell you; though I promise you it’s nothing lewd. Just slipped right on out of my mouth one day like a sneeze, and we both stared like I’d gone mad. Maybe I had 🙂 My sweet pup is Bella, but more often referred to as Worm. I, however, have no nick-name. I’ll need to look into that . . .

    • Thank you so much, Cara! I am a proud momma for sure. And yes, everyone in my family has nick-names! My daughters call me Richard… I have no idea why but it’s kind of funny. And our dog Reese is known as Pants. I have a feeling that you and I would get along fabulously and I would probably call you cara mia. 🙂

  2. Thank you for stopping by my place. I loved the pictures of Cake’s trip. I particularly like her nickname. I am from the South so I understand cars and nicknames. I’m from the flower child generation so I get that too. I like your blog. I like the unpretentious way you talk. What other way could a hippie talk? Chuckle, chuckle. It’s fun here. I’ll be back.

    You have the prettiest theme I’ve seen too. I love it.

    • George, coming from you I consider this a great compliment! You are such a gifted writer and artist and I am honored that you are checking in on my little blog. Thank You!

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