It’s Twister Time in Texas


Living in Texas, tornadoes are just something we have to deal with.  I have witnessed the wreckage and have been within just a few miles of the path of several storms, but never have I actually seen a tornado up close… until yesterday.

Rachel, my oldest daughter is a Marketer in the medical field and yesterday I decided to tag along on a few of her calls.  Suddenly, as we were driving, the sky began to get very dark and it began to hail.  We stopped under an overpass to get out of the hail and within a minute or two the hail stopped.  Then everything got real still, that’s when all hell broke loose.  I did not film this video but we were one exit to the north, and as we turned to the left and looked behind us, this is what we saw. 


Twelve different tornadoes ripped across Texas, leaving behind a path of utter destruction, but as of yet no fatalities and very few injuries, which is a miracle in itself.  I awoke this morning to the birds singing and the sun shining.  In true Texas fashion, the weather today is glorious.  Not a hint of the fury unleashed upon us yesterday.  What a perfect day to count my many blessings, snap a few photos and not look back on what could have been.



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  1. Lori, we are close. The Woodlands TX here (2hrs south of Dallas)
    With regards to the T – Scary goodness..
    I have lived category 5 hurricanes,snow storms and earthquakes, phew..
    Thanks for posting, all the other photos are adorable including your toes hehe

    • Mari, you’re a fellow Texan! I have a few friends that live in The Woodlands. It’s so beautiful there. I live in Mansfield, just south of Arlington and it’s growing way too fast for me. I like small towns. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind reply, I really appreciate it!


  2. Scary Scary stuff Lori! I’ve never been close to a tornado. You must have been petrified looking back at such a monster storm. And then the peace and quiet of a beautiful Texas day and on with life. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dor, it was surreal! I hope I never see another one. I’m so glad it’s over and that no one was hurt too badly.

      Hope you have a great Easter weekend!


  3. Lori!
    I am so, so relieved to hear that you and your family are safe. I can only imagine the blunt fear you must have felt coming face to face with a tornado wreaking havoc through your town. So frightening. I will be thanking the Lord tonight for His provision over you and your sweet girls. Your outlook inspires me; your ability to find the good reassures me that I am not alone in this battle to let Good prevail.

    I look at these pictures — the ones you took today — and I can hardly believe that a tornado had so much as blinked by. Everything is greens and blues, beauty and tranquility.

    By the way, you have very cute feet 🙂

    • Cara, it happened so fast we didn’t have time to be afraid. If we would have been just a few minutes later, it would have been in front of us instead of behind and we would have been caught with no where to go. Thank God for His protection for everyone involved. Now they are saying there were 14 tornadoes within a 2 hour period and not one fatality. Amazing!

      Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter weekend my friend!


    • Yes Rich, almost all the schools were on lockdown and all the high-rise buildings evacuated to the lower floors. Poor little kiddos in school, I bet they were scared to death!

  4. Good grief, Lori, you were close! I watched these things on TV all day and worried. I have family in Ft. Worth and in that area. I was glad there was no loss of life that I heard about. That’s remarkable considering the number of tornadoes and the damage! I love your photographs. What a wonderful place you have.

    • George, I hope all of your loved ones made it through without any damage. What a day! Thank you regarding the photos and our place. We love having the acreage and trees! Our house was build in the 30’s and it’s cold in the winter and in constant need of some kind of repair. We usually have at least 2 or 3 DIY projects in various degrees of completion going on in the house. We affectionately call it “the money pit.” 🙂

      • I understand the money pit. I just moved out of one of those a few years ago. You know, it cost more to live there than it does in my new house if I considered the repairs and updates, but it was home. It takes awhile for a new house to feel that way. I like the way your house looks. It feels like home.

  5. Thanks Lori. Living in Plano, TX and watching these storm cells pop up all around us, it was definitely intense that day. One of the cells passed by less than a mile from my house. No touch down, but a lot of rotation. Indeed time to count blessings and also heartfelt prayers for those affected by the number of tornados and hail (size of baseballs at a co-workers home). Love your photos as well… that peaceful feeling after the storm has passed is captured well and serves to remind me of the grace and power of nature.

    • Yes very well said, prayers for those affected foremost. It’s so nice to meet another Texan and thank you for the kind comments. You must have a tender heart because your goodness shines through in your writing. I wish more people thought the way you do. Very refreshing indeed!

      Have a blessed Easter weekend!


  6. I do not miss them all. My dreams are still haunted by these monsters like Dorothy looking for ToTo…ugh! I would not sleep for weeks if I saw this. One almost got me (very Texan accent required) when I was 13 and I am still not the same

    • Michael, I have reoccurring nightmares about tornadoes, but I had never seen one before. Maybe one got me in a past life. 🙂 In my dreams, I would see it coming and then I would have to hold on to something to keep it from carrying me away. Now that I’ve actually seen one, maybe the dreams will stop. Someday you’ll have to tell me your tornado story.

  7. We don’t see tornados here, I’m happy to say, but we saw film of the recent events in Texas on the TV News broadcasts and can understand the fear and awe they generate. Truly scary stuff.
    We seem to be seeing more of this over the last few years. More cameras around, I guess.
    Thankfully you and yours are safe.

    • Thank you Steve, it does seem like mother nature is a little more temperamental as of late. We are also having small earthquakes here that we’ve never had before. Strange days indeed…

  8. I am glad you are ok and your family is safe. 🙂 It is always a scary idea what nature can do to destruct things.

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