Fun at the Renaissance Fair


My husband, youngest daughter and I traveled back in time to the 16th Century this weekend with a visit to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, which is held in Waxahachie Texas weekends each Spring from April until Memorial Day.

1  King Henry and Anne Boleyn.

The festival includes a 35 acre village consisting of artisans that create one-of-a-kind works of art and quaint shops featuring unique handmade jewelry, clothing, leather goods and other fun items.  I couldn’t resist buying a spicy scented bar of handmade organic soap.  Here’s our daughter Caitlin (or Cake as we affectionately call her) with a Gandalf looking Wizard in his sterling jewelery shoppe.

The artists, peddlers and performers all dress and speak in character.  Performance acts include jousting competitions, comedy routines, music, dance and many other unique entertainers on 22 different stages.  All the performances are included in the admission price.

After shopping and checking out a few of the acts we had to stop for some yummy fried festival food.  My husband Scott chose a healthy baked potato (no bacon), but Caitlin and I went for the fried mushrooms and onion rings.

It was a lovely Texas afternoon with clear skies, a light Southern breeze and temperatures in the mid 80’s.

We couldn’t resist a cheesy photo-op as the King and Queen.

Cake fit right in with the Renaissance characters.  Here she is with a couple of Ogres.

This guy is lucky he didn’t get my husbands size 11 boot up his you-know-what after calling out to Cake “Hey, come here horny girl!”  As penance I made him pose for a photo.

We finished the day off by checking out some of the beautiful performing animals.

Majestic birds of prey and obliging elephants.

I felt a little sorry for this long eye-lashed beauty as she patiently carried kid after kid around and around.

What better way to end a perfect day than with a poem inspired by Cake and the Renaissance?

Absinthe eyes

Dancing fairy sprite

  Cast not thy gaze my way

Bewitch another

His heart enslave

And corpse the birds to pick


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  1. What a fun event for you and your family! I have heard of this Scarborough Fair, in a book once. I wonder if it ‘s the same one . . . It was a Young Adult book called “Impossible” by Nancy Werlin. Have you read it?

    I LOVE the picture where you and your husband are posing behind the cutouts. I think you were made for royalty. 😉 And way to go with the splurging on the onion rings. They looked tasty!

    Cake’s contacts are fantastic! Such a unique shade of green!

    Happy Monday, sweet lady!

    ~ Cara

    • I haven’t read that book, but I did pick up Outlander this weekend.. maybe I’ll start reading it today.

      Darn those onion rings! I’ve splurged way too much the last few months and now I have to get back on track and pull out the P90x DVD’s.

      I can’t wait to see my wreath! 🙂

      • Wonderful! I do hope you enjoy Outlander! In case I didn’t mention it, there is a dialect that takes some getting used to. It was 100 pages before I was able to settle into the cadence of her writing style and language. But after that . . . hold on, my friend; it’s about to get bumpy.

        LOL! I know what you mean . . . M and I cheated A LOT this weekend, and I am paying the price at the gym this week. The playing is so much more fun when you add discipline to the mix, though.


        P.S. Shipping out your wreath tomorrow!

  2. My wife and I went to Waxahatchie’s wonderful faire weeks back in April. We loved it so much. We had gone last year and several years passed, we love the atmosphere, the food and the fantasy. Nice to escape to another time – if even for just a few hours. 🙂 Love the pix of your family.

    • Isn’t it fun! We don’t go every year, but we’ve been several times before and always have a great time. As always, thank you for taking the time to leave a kind word or two. 🙂

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