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The Most Influential Man in My Life


I want to take a moment to talk about the most influential man in my life.  His name is Jesus.  I’m not talking about the Jesus of the modern-day fanatical Christian.  The one who condemns you to hell if you don’t believe every word written in the King James bible.  The Jesus who hates non Christians, homosexuals, adulterers, drug addicts, criminals…  No, I’m talking about the immaculate Jesus.  The perfect highest spiritual being, chosen by the Creator to come down to earth in physical form and set an example for us to live by.

Jesus was not a man who condemned and judged people for the way they believed, lived or the mistakes they made.  He loved them, sought them out, lived among them, forgave them and ultimately died for them.  This is the Jesus whose example I choose to follow.  This is the Jesus my soul desires and knows as well as I know my own earthly parents.  I don’t know the Jesus that judges and condemns, nor do I care to.  It’s so heartbreaking to see all the well-meaning Christians judging and spewing hatred, while firmly placing a wedge between themselves and people who may truly need Christ.  The message they are relaying is “I am better than you, you are a sinner and do things I do not approve of, therefore you are not good enough to associate with us.  But if you do as we say, believe what we tell you, dress and act like us, we will let you be a part of our religion.”  Unfortunately, many people turn away from a spiritual relationship with God because of the negativity they encounter in many of today’s organized religions.

A very special friend of mine Cara, a young woman who is wise well beyond her 29 years, recently wrote a post titled I Love You in her blog This Little Light where she made the following statement;  “As a challenge to myself, I don’t often speak directly about my beliefs or the One in which I have devoted my life to following; not because I am ashamed to say so, but because it is my understanding, that if I am being who I am supposed to be, then the need for me to tell others I am a Christian is superfluous. Do I need to tell you I have peach skin, or green eyes, or auburn hair? Of course not. And so my faith should be as evident as the most prominent features — more so! — on my face.”

This is perfectly stated.  A true Christian should not have to convince others to follow them in their beliefs.  Christ’s love and influence should be apparent in everything they do.  My heart’s desire is that the peace and love of Christ is magnified in my words and deeds every day.  I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, I let myself and others down, but I am still loved.  Just as He loves the Buddhist, the homosexual, the loving grandmother, the adulterer, the newborn baby, the drug addict, the bigot, the atheist and even the judgmental well-meaning Christian.

May peace and love be with you all the days of your life.